The 8th International PLUS-Forum: Distance Celling, Cards, Payments and Mobile 2017

The 8th International PLUS-Forum on Bank Self-Service, Retail and Cash Circulation 2016

PLUS Magazine
Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 4
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Working hours:

05/10 — from 08:30 till 20:00
06/10 — from 08:30 till 18:00


The International PLUS-Forum on Bank Self-Service, Retail and Cash Circulation organized by PLUS and Retail & Loyalty magazines covers the subjects of bank retail and cash circulation and the bank equipment sector, it boasts the largest attendance rate in Russia.


The forum will treat the following issues: perspectives of transforming affiliate bank branches in response to the new Russian economic reality; adoption of new formats of branch offices; strategies of automation of branch offices; etc. Ways of rationalizing cash circulation will also be approached, including further development of the existing infrastructure of cash processing and bank self-service systems (ATMs, recyclers, SSTs, etc) providing effective methods of cash access and operation for the customers. Today most of the market experts believe these issues to be the most challenging in the face of the dynamic development of digital banking and the changes in the Russian bank retail sector.


The Forum comprises: an exhibition, a conference, and roundtable discussions.

A conference and a most representative annual exhibition of special bank equipment and technologies from Russian and international companies will be running simultaneously. The event, which is the largest thematic forum in Russia and the CIS countries annually attracts over 60 companies who produce and distribute equipment, software and services for the financial sector and retail trade chains.

History of the exhibition:

International PLUS-Forums organized by the PLUS-Alliance for the banking, retail and e-commerce sectors are traditionally the largest events in the industry not only in terms of the attendance, relevance and depth of coverage of the subjects, but also considering the number of the participating partner companies.

Between the years 2008-2016 the PLUS-Alliance group has organized 17 international forums attended by over 13 thousand top managers from all over the world. These events have occupied a firm position in the business agendas of various markets sectors representatives. The format of the PLUS-Forums comprises an exhibition, a conference and roundtable discussions.

As the audience of PLUS and Retail & Loyalty magazines and daily on-line PLUS Daily and Retail & Loyalty News portals grows, the organizers can afford to invite Russian and foreign top managers of commercial enterprises responsible for decision making, heads of watchdog agencies, profile ministries and institutions, and international experts.

PLUS-Forums delegates invited and accepted by the organizing committee are typical representatives of the target audience. They are objectively interested in learning about the latest market tendencies, best market practices, products, solutions and technologies, in a productive exchange of opinions and establishment of long-term and effective business contacts.

The organizing committee regularly reviews the themes of the forum. This occurs both in accordance with the results of implemented researches and analytical surveys of the dedicated market sectors, as well as taking into account the feedback from the event participants and the readers of the PLUS and Retail & Loyalty magazines, including leading Russian and global experts.

Organizing committee:

Konstantin Alexandrovich Grizov

Organizing committee deputy chairman for sponsors and partners’ participation

Tel.: 7 495 961 10 65, ext. 1201

Mobile: .: +7 925 005 40 05


Skype ID: konstantin.grizov

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