Festival of dances

Festival of dances

ORTO All-Russian Dance Organization, International Dance Organization, Internation Dance Sport Federation, National Button Twirling Association
Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit halls: 4, 4.1
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Official support:
Administration Office of the Russian President, the Federation Council, the RF State Duma, RF Ministry of Culture, RF Ministry of Education, RF Sport and PE Agency, Moscow City Government, Moscow region Government, UNESCO Dancing Council

About the project:
VIII worldwide dancing competition is the biggest event the world over and we are lucky to meet it at Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre in Moscow. It merges more than 50 dancing directions.

According to preliminary data, more than 20000 participants from 45 countries will come to the 11 days’ dancing marathon. There will be 800 award ceremonies at the festival. About 40000 people and more than 120 representatives of Mass media visited the competition in 2010.

The program of the biggest first-rate dancing forum:

  • World championship (Flamenco, Techno, Folk, Belly Dance, Ballet);
  • European Championship and the World Cup ( Jazz, Modern, Street Show, Salsa);
  • Russian Championship and Russian Cup (Argentinean Tango, Salsa, Hustle, Show Dance, Disco, Hip-Hop, Break Dance, Electric Boogie, Street Show, Erotic Show, Oriental, Country, Irish and Synchronized Dances, Twirling, Step, Cheerleading);
  • All-Russian contests (“Me, Mom and Dad is a dancing family”, “To dance all ages are obedient”, “Dance is a way of rehabilitation for handicapped people”, Theatres of dance, Ballet, Indian and Gipsy Dances, the Caucuses Folk Dance; Soviet, Folk, Historical and Everyday Dances; Fashion Parade of the Drum Group and Orchestra);
  • Congresses, Round Tables and master-classes;
  • The 16th Cup of CSKA on sportive ballroom dances “Waltz of Victory 2011”;
  • The 7th Annual National Award Ceremony “Perfection” for the contribution to development of the Modern Choreography;
  • Olympics of Art;
  • Dancing and youth fashion show;
  • Gala-show of the Olympics (the Kremlin Palace of Congresses);
  • Body-Art contest;
  • The 8th international exhibition “Dance – Health – Style of life”;
  • The 7th All-Russian contest among vogue theatres;
  • Contest of makeup artists and hair-makers “Dancing glamour”;
  • Vacancy fair in the field of choreography and dancing show-business. 

Magnificent feast of beauty and dance is waiting for its visitors and participants.


  • ORTO
  • International Dance Organization;
  • Internation Dance Sport Federation;
  • National Button Twirling Association;
  • All-Russian Dancing Organization;
  • RF Modern Dance Federation.

Supplied by:

  • RF President Administration;
  • RF Council
  • RF Duma;
  • RF Ministry of Culture;
  • RF Ministry of Education;
  • RF Sport and PE Agency;
  • Moscow and Moscow region Government;
  • UNESCO Dancing Council.

Organizing Committee:
Adress: Office 18, Marshal Malinovsky St, 7, Moscow, Russia, 123298
Tel.: +7 499 408 4539, +7 499 408 4539 
Tel./fax: +7 499 194 9904
Mob.: 772 6051
E-mail: danceCSKA@mtu-net.ru

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