President's address

  • What changes do the exhibition grounds expect to face by 2050?
  • What does the exhibition business expect in the future?
  • What are we doing to achieve this?

Our mission is to answer these questions.

Everything is changing very rapidly. It seems only yesterday cell phones were something unthinkable, but now it is a common thing in our daily lives. Or early computers, which were of enormous size, that only large corporations and government agencies could afford, and now the PC is indispensable. Examples of such revolutionary changes are numerous.

We understand that in the near future, our exhibition business will change beyond recognition. Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre will become an experimental ground for this development. We understand that the future is in the rise of IT and quality service to our customers. However the essence of our business will not change: the buyer will meet the seller to form a contract, the analyst will give the forecast on the market, the designer will find new solutions, the competitor will study the market, etc. Time will show how new technologies fit in this scheme.

What will our business look like in the future?

Will it stay at its current venue or move completely to cyber-space?

We will try to find the answers to these and many other questions.

Initially, we have created a laboratory for study and analysis of the exhibition process on the basis of the unique platform of Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, which includes leading experts of our industry. The synergy of the unique area of the Sokolniki Park, the science laboratory and the exhibition company, focused on the environment and new technologies, will give us the key to the future.

The development of our economy depends on the development of the exhibition business, as the emergence of new technologies, equipment, ideas, as a rule, first takes place at exhibitions - where products start their journey to the big market.

Welcome to the future of the exhibition business!

Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre is a sponsor of the Association of Private Museums.

Alexey Shaburov
President & CEO
of Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre