A Happy Baby From The Very First Days Of Pregnancy

The 9th Festival of pregnant women and Festival of infants officially opened in Sokolniki Park on Thursday, October 30th. Vechernyaya Moskva, an online newspaper came to meet new mums to find out what the little Muscovites need to be happy.

Master class area

Elena Unikova, Chairwoman of Sem I Ya Club of mothers with many children is hosting a master class in swaddling. Guests are practicing with a toy-baby, of course, but it still has to be dressed carefully and accurately as the real one they will have in the future. All seats are occupied. Expectant mothers are closely monitoring the process and remembering the simple sequence of actions. Those willing to test their skills are welcomed to the table.

— “Should the swaddling clothes be placed a little up or down?” Elena Vavilina, who came to the festival in the center of Sokolniki on her first day of maternity leave, is trying to fix it. But as soon as the “job” is done, the toy-baby has his shoulders uncovered. – “I still have two months until the baby is born, so there is time left to learn how to swaddle right. Now I’m not really good at it.” Elena says to Vechernyaya Moskva (VM). – “My older daughter is eight now, but I used to dress her with creepers and a baby's vest. So I am just learning how to swaddle now.”

The festival provides the opportunity to purchase all necessary goods for the baby’s comfortable living besides learning how to take care of newborns.

Organizers of the event, which is served as an interactive exhibition, prepared an interesting and useful programme to involve the participation of both parents and children.

Muscovite Anna Isaeva and her five-month-old daughter Sonya are getting ready for the Slingodefile competition. While there is time the young mother is observing the stands and buying accessories in a shape of white roses to put it in the hair for herself and her pretty daughter.

— “My sweetie is very quiet; she’ll be sleeping during the competition I’m sure” Anna smiles.

— “The mother is near, so the baby can sleep! Everything is fine.”

Another participant of the Slingodefile, Tatiana Yatskevich, is carrying her little Anya in the baby-bjorn. The girl is unlike her quiet competitor and does not want to sleep at all. Half a year old is a very important age. This is the time to explore the world, meet other kids and so much more. The VM reporter became a subject of her keen interest. The model-to-be began posing.

— “Such an interesting festival!” Tatiana shares her impressions. – “It seems like we bought everything, tasted every baby food here! Besides, we enrolled to participate in the competition!”

The exhibition in Sokolniki will run until November 2nd. The best professionals will hold master classes and workshops for young families which are to make the most significant months of their lives truly happy.

Ludmila Burova, Chairwoman of Moscow Council of Young Families:

— The capital saw a notable increase of birth rate. An important role here plays the solution to many problems that previously did not allow families of such “treasure” as having a child. For example, the city authorities fixed the problem with the lack of places in kindergartens.

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