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MVK Company is a leading partner of “Crocus Expo”. About work of the company during a crisis spoke its chief executive Alexey SHABUROV.

— What was the last year for your company like; did you have recourse to some special anti-crisis plan?

— The situation of the crisis allowed us to understand better how to optimize expenses and get good results and high rates. We can therefore say that the crisis has played a partly positive role. As a result of timely measures the overall activity of the company led to very positive results, and we are fully aware of the need to operate under current conditions differently. More flexible designs are born; there are new ideas for the development of the old shows.

Generally, we perceive any difficulties as a way to perfection and rethinking; and nothing more. We are now at a new level of understanding our processes.

Willingness to assess the situation realistically and act that is our entire turnaround plan, which we use in everyday life.

— Are you going to expand and diversify your exhibition program, or “strengthen” the achieved positions? How could you assess the prospects for future work?

— Of course, we will continue to develop. We have quite a lot of plans, and they are all achievable. Firstly, it is the introduction of new projects that are now at the stage of approval. Secondly, we also pay special attention to the old projects of MVK. These are our exhibitions, which are well known both in Russia and abroad — exhibitions, which are rightly earning high ratings.

If we talk about the prospects, I can say the only thing — I like my job and I get real pleasure from it. And what could be the prospects of a sense of satisfaction? What can I say about assessments if job satisfaction is sent to all team members, clients and visitors? I will continue to keep in the same spirit, because if you like what you’re doing, it is transmitted to people. That is the main thing!

Source: Business and Exhibitions magazine

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