The still music of calligraphy

The “Poetry of Calligraphy” International Exhibition continuing the tradition of annual calligraphy exhibitions “Image and Letter” was inaugurated in Tsarskoye Selo.

The best works of the teachers and students of the Calligraphy Art Centre “From Az to Izhitsa” created in the last academic year are exhibited in the Sophia pavilion next to the Sophia Cathedral. Visitors will have a chance to see the works of the artistic director of the Centre Pyotr Chiobitko and the works made with various techniques by the teachers who are professional calligraphers.

The central position in the exhibition is taken by the “Nature, wisdom and quiet” series created by the Centre’s teachers and inspired by A. Pushkin’s poetry. The works of the young and senior students of the Centre – calligraphy sheets, fabric calligraphy, scrolls, manuscript books and postcards written in traditional Russian and European scripts are sure to touch your feelings, too. There are also calligraphy sheets and objects created by the teachers and students of the Tallinn School of Calligraphy presented at the exhibition. The participants of the exhibition found inspiration in the works of many Russian and foreign authors: visitors have a chance to see calligraphy in the Russian, English and Estonian languages, as well as Biblical texts and prayers written in Church Slavonic.

On the opening day Pyotr Chiobitko held a workshop for all who are interested showing how to make a water painting.

The “Poetry of Calligraphy” exhibition will be open in the Sophia pavilion until June, 20th. Working hours are from 11 a.m. till 19 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday, except Thursday. Admission by voluntary donation; free admission for children and pensioners.

The still music of calligraphy


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