The “The Noble Qur’an on the Blessed Month of Ramadan” exhibition to open in Kazan

The exhibition to be held in the Museum of Islamic Culture will showcase the works of contemporary Iranian calligraphy artists from the collection of the Sareban private art gallery (Tehran) which belongs to the famous connoisseur and collector of Irani art Mohammad Sareban of Hamburg. The inauguration of the exhibition is confined to the month of Ramadan during which the sending down of the Qur’an commenced.

Citizens of Kazan will see for the first time the works of the famous Iranian artists: Hadi Roshan Zamir, Mohammad Seyed Naghashian, Peyman Peyravi, Babak Hegiazi and others.

The Director of Iran’s Boushahri Gallery, Hadi Roshan Zamir, will hold a calligraphy workshop.

The “The Noble Koran on the Blessed Month of Ramazan” exhibition to open in Kazan


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