The Power of the Word is in the Beauty of Writing

The Adyghe State University for the first time holds the Contemporary Calligraphy in the Arab and Slavic World exhibition.

The exhibition has been arranged specially for the International day of the Arab language which is celebrated around the world on the 18th of December. The exhibition presents about 70 works of artists from the Adyghe State University and other Russian universities.

The organizers of the event are the Department of Foreign Languages and the Department of Arts and Design of the Adyghe State University, as well as the Institute of Arts. The main originators and creators are the faculty members, Hasan Sheozhev and Gennady Bukhanov. The skillfully written Arabic symbols belong to the hand of the master Hasan Sheozhev. Apart from teaching at the Department of Foreign Languages he also works in the Arabic Calligraphy Club, a secular organization open not only to students but to everyone.

‘We have arranged this exhibition together with the Institute of Arts and presented Arab and Slavic calligraphy in order to demonstrate the influence of cultures on each other and encourage tolerance in people. The exhibition features about 50 works of Hasan Sheozhev. Born in Syria and being a native Arab speaker he has been living in Russia since 1999’, says the Dean of the Department of Foreign Languages Betty Jandar.

The Slavic world of writing has found its reflection in the works of students from the Department of Arts and Design of the ASU. The exhibition features posters with calligraphy from Rostov, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, and Volgograd universities. Gennady Bukhanov works with graphic design where letters and words form the foundation of the profession. Speaking about the works of the Slavic writing, the teacher points that there are two types of works at the exhibition: calligraphy as it is and calligraphy integrated in design as a modern tool.

‘The Cyrillic alphabet requires soft feathers (goose, peacock and ostrich), that is why the words are written in a smooth way. Unlike the Latin writing there is no strict completeness as if the author is thinking over the written phrase’, says Gennady Bukhanov.

The acting director of the Institute of Arts Elena Abakumova notes that calligraphy is more than five thousand years, the art has changed and transformed but it is still alive and will never die. ‘Calligraphers form different époques create handwritten texts similar to poetry and painting. Its value is great and therefore immortal’, believes Elena Abakumova.

After the opening of the exhibition there was arranged a workshop on Arabic calligraphy conducted by Hasan Sheozhev. At the round table there were discussed the issues of the Arabic lexicology.

The ancient art of beautiful handwriting has evolved together with humanity. The modern calligraphy fulfills its main task of educating society through elegant writing. With one move of the hand a man creates a symbol reflecting his character, temperament, and way of thinking. Now, at the troubled time, the exhibition created by the representatives of different cultures reminds us that just like many years ago people are united by the perfect art of handwriting.

The Power of the Word is in the Beauty of Writing

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