Young world-famous calligrapher from Arkhangelsk presents his works in Dobrolyubov Library

On January 31st the Week of Contemporary Calligraphy started in Arkhangelsk Regional Library named after N.A. Dobrolyubov.

Project author Sasha Koggio is a young local calligrapher who only discovered the art of fine writing six months before and is already willing to share his knowledge.

On Sunday, January 31st an exposition of Sasha’s works opened, featuring a series of works that combine innovative approach and the traditions of the classical Gothic school.

The opening ceremony was followed by a live performance, with the participants witnessing the creation of a 5-meter calligraphy composition.

On February 2nd the artist will hold the lecture “Contemporary calligraphy and lettering” where you will have a chance to learn about calligraphy today. After the lecture visitors will have a chance to participate in a workshop.

The next activity within the framework of the Calligraphy Week is the skill-share event on February 4th. Arkhangelsk calligraphers will gather at a special platform where beginners can learn some of the skills of experienced artists, and the latter can share their know-how and maybe learn a thing or two as well. Specially for this project the art literature department will prepare an exhibition of books on calligraphy from the library’s depot.

Sasha Koggio: “I believe that calligraphy is at its zenith nowadays, although classic calligraphy has been practiced at all times. I am inspired by music and other calligraphers’’ works. I’ve been looking into Chinese calligraphy lately: the hieroglyphs are very harmonious and full of meaning: every stroke is in its place, serving its specific purpose.”

Sasha Koggio

Sasha Koggio is one of the 50 international Calligraffiti Ambassadors (a unity of calligraphy artists founded by Amsterdam’s brilliant artist Niels Shoe Meulman). Born in Arkhangelsk, Sasha now studies in St. Petersburg’s Baltic State Technical University.

He purchased his first parallel pen around a year ago after seeing an accidental picture in the web. He managed to achieve a great deal during less than a year: the “Are You Sick Like Me?” project (a 30 meters wide and 2 meters high artistic composition); the Handletter font which he created overnight; the painting of the walls of Dr.Volosov beauty salon in Moscow.

Young world-famous calligrapher from Arkhangelsk presents his works in Dobrolyubov Library


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