Artist recreates iconic logos using calligraphy

A video has emerged of an artist hand-drawing a series of company logos with a calligraphy pen. The footage was captured by an artist living in Cornwall, UK.

The video shows the talented calligrapher reproducing famous brand logos freehand, using just one pen.

The artist recreates the iconic logos of soft drink brand Coca-Cola and that of 70s rock band, Led Zeppelin. Frank M Robinson developed the Coca-Cola logo in 1887 and it has remained largely the same for the past 128 years, with only one minor change in 1890 when additional swirls were added.

But Coca-Cola and Led Zeppelin were not the only ones featured, popular car makes Audi, Honda and Ferrari are also included. Clothing brands Vans, Converse and Adidas also make an appearance and the Adidas logo is created from a base of a just four circles.



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