DANCE&ART EXPO 2018, 15th international trade fair of goods and services for dance and choreographic art

The World Art and Dance Alliance (WADA) – the Russian representative office, The Health Culture Sport foundation
俄罗斯莫斯科索科利尼基博物馆教育中心, 展馆: 4, 4.1
The Department of Culture of Moscow

27/04 - 13/05 — 从 10:00 至 21:00


Between April 27 and May 13 Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre will hold a large-scale entertainment and business event of dance and choreographic art industry – the international trade fair dubbed DANCE&ART EXPO 2018. The event will be a part of the Global Dance OLYMPIAD.

DANCE&ART EXPO is a major dedicated exhibition in Russia. It embraces all aspects of healthy and active lifestyle, contemporary culture and choreography, and therefore is highly valued by both professionals and enthusiasts from more than dance, but also related industries, such as sport, social and culture, education, fashion and beauty.

The following areas will feature a vast variety of goods and services:

-          professional dancing;

-          beauty and health;

-          education and culture;

-          fitness and sport;

-          rehabilitation;

-          fashion and lifestyle.

The event will also include an eventful business agenda for all market players:

-          presentations of new goods and services

-          business development trainings by successful project leaders from dance industry and show business

-          private brand development workshops by TOP bloggers

-          workshops by leading beauty, fashion and style experts.

Opinion leaders will share their cases from Russia and internationally, while participants will see the key trends in dance industry and contemporary art market.

DANCE&ART EXPO is more than a conventional exhibition; its entire area is filled with inspirational energy of dancing and art world. Visitors may expect unique art exhibits, fashion shows, dance workshops, entertainment, contests and giveaways.

Dance and art industry grows rapidly, and DANCE&ART EXPO paves its way flexibly, reflecting the latest trends year on year.

For instance, a new entertainment – virtual dance tournament Just Dance – will see professionals and amateurs, popular bloggers and event guests compete for the title of the best dancer in Just Dance 2018.

This year the exhibition is set to welcome over 60 000 visitors, featuring 40 countries, 190 Russian cities or 65 Russian Federation subjects, over 30 000 participants of the OLYMPIAD and the exhibition. The total area of the event will occupy over 12 000 sqm.

Visit DANCE&ART EXPO to spend some quality and entertaining time, meet likeminded people, get inspired for creativity and a powerful charge of positive emotions! 

Welcome to the world of dance and art! 

Organized by World Art and Dance Alliance (WADA) – Russian office


Under the auspices of the Moscow Department of Culture 

*Trade fair members may choose to enter full-time (10 days) or half-time (5 days) contracts 

To join, please contact Inga Miller – Commercial Director of DANCE&ART EXPO

Mobile: +7(916)938-09-20


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