XIV International Trade Fair of Goods and Services for Dancing, Theatre and Healthy Living – DANCE&ART EXPO 2017

XIV International Trade Fair of Goods and Services for Dancing, Theatre and Healthy Living – DANCE&ART EXPO 2017

The World Art and Dance Alliance (WADA) – the Russian representative office, The Health Culture Sport foundation
俄罗斯莫斯科索科利尼基会展中心, 展馆: 4, 4.1
The Department of Culture of Moscow

28/04 - 09/05 — 从 10:00 至 21:00


The DANCE&ART EXPO exhibition is the largest international event in the dancing industry and related products, with a 13 year of history. The event is designed to combine opportunities for brand, product or service presentation with immediate customer interaction, resulting in profit here and now. 

Our audience features professionals, consumers of dancing industry market, and socially active people of all ages, as well as numerous visitors of Sokolniki Park on May holidays. 

On top of showcasing a vast range of goods, the event agenda will include the following: topical exhibits as a part of the 11 Days of Peace show and entertainment marathon, various presentations, business events, fashion shows, workshops, promotions, performances by celebrities, gifts and surprises. 

The exhibition's motto – Beauty. Perfection. Motion. Grace – to some extent characterizes a broad range of the products on display. The key exhibition areas are as follows: 

 - beauty and health;

 - history and culture;

 - fitness and sport;

 - education;

 - rehabilitation;

 - national cause and international. 

The trade fair will also feature multiple categories of related products, which are in demand with dancers, such as cosmetics, jewellery, apparel, household and active recreational goods and much more.  

Special areas of DANCE&ART EXPO 2017 are as follows: 

 - Pole Sport (PoleExpo), cheer sport / cheerleading (CheerEXPO) and mass art (ArtExpo): this year the exhibition will feature three new areas for the first time, which are destined to become a highlight of the event;

 - Environment: ECO style products and life;

 - The Waltz of Victory CSKA Cup – an international competitive ballroom dancing tournament between May 6 and 9.

2017 exhibition expects to see over 50000 visitors. The project will engage 40 countries, 190 locations in Russian Federation, 65 Russian regions and over 30000 participants of the Olympics. The total exhibition area will amount to over 12000 sqm.

Steering committee:

Participation issues: 
Inga Miller – Commercial Director of DANCE & ART EXPO
Tel.: +7 (916) 938 0920
E-mail: mia-boss@mail.ru

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