WELDEX / Rossvarka

WELDEX / Rossvarka

ITE公司集团MVK, “Elsvar”公司

About the project:

Exhibition objectives:

  • Demonstrate achievements,
  • Improve international scientific technical cooperation and long-term commercial relations,
  • Improve partnership between manufacturers, distributors and customers,
  • Demonstrate the latest advances in science and technology. Promote the introduction of the latest advances into manufacture.

Exhibition subjects:

  • Arc, argon, argon and arc welding of steel, aluminum, iron and other metals and alloys: the mechanized manual, semiautomatic, automatic robot. Surfacing. Welding machines and alternating current welding machine inverter (inverter welding), welding machines, semi-arc and arc welding, argon welding parts, fixtures, designs. DC power for welding machines manual, semi-automatic and automatic welding: welding rectifiers, welding generators, inverter power sources with a pulse mode. Technologies and materials for argon and arc welding: welding electrodes, wires, fluxes, welding arc, the arc power sources.
  • Gas welding, plasma welding of metals. Welding machines, cutting machines, welding torches, setting, and technology flame, gas, plasma welding, cutting and welding parts, fixtures, designs. Welding semi-automatic and automatic machines, installation manual plasma welding and building a direct current, continuous and pulse mode welding.
  • Laser welding, cutting and welding of metals: manual, semiautomatic, automatic. Electron welding of metals. Welding machines, machine tools and technology for laser welding.
  • Resistance welding, spot welding of steel, aluminum, iron and other metals, welding by pressure from local heating. Equipment and technology for contact and spot welding: welding machines (automatic and semiautomatic).
  • Cold welding, riveting, bonding, forging metals (welding by pressure). Equipment, technologies and materials for creating permanent joints by the pressure of cold welding, ultrasonic welding, riveting, gluing, welding forge.
  • Specialized welding equipment, technologies and materials for welding and construction of pipelines transporting oil, gas, water, heat, acids, alkalis, industrial and domestic wastewater.
  • Specialized equipment, technologies and materials for welding plastics, human tissue and animal fibers; for underwater welding in space.
  • Materials for welding, cutting, welding, coating, soldering, steel, aluminum, iron and other metals: welding electrodes, welding wire, solder, flux, welding torches, gas. Equipment and technology of production of welding materials.
  • Means and methods of protection against harmful factors: ventilation, work wear, welding helmets, respirators. Tools and equipment for welding.
  • Electronic Elementary and base components for welding equipment.
  • Shops of used and reconditioned welding equipment. Renovation of the welding equipment. Repair welding machines.
  • Scientific developments in the field of welding. Quality control of welded joints, and basic welding materials.

Organizing Committee:
Adress: 15/1, Zubarev alley, Moscow, 129164, Russia
Tel.: +7 495 935 8100
Fax: +7 495 935 8101
E-mail: medvedeva@mvk.ru, yudakova@mvk.ru, kizina@mvk.ru

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