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俄罗斯莫斯科索科利尼基博物馆教育中心, 展馆: 4, 4.1
俄罗斯联邦工业与贸易部, Moscow Interregional Association of Chief Welders, Russian Scientific & Technical Welding Society

About the project:

WELDEX /Rossvarka - 2011 —  
11th International specialized exhibition of welding materials, equipment and technologies


  • MVK International Exhibition Company


  • Elsvar
  • EWA ( European Welding Association)


  • Moscow Interregional Association of Chief Welders
  • Russian Scientific & Technical Welding Society

Patronized by:

  • The Government of Moscow
  • Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

General media sponsor:

  • Svarochnoe Proizvodstvo (Welding Industry), magazine

Exhibition objectives:

  • Demonstrate achievements
  • Improve international scientific technical cooperation and long-term commercial relations
  • Improve partnership between manufacturers, distributors and customers
  • Demonstrate the latest advances in science and technology. Promote the introduction of the latest advances into manufacture

Considering the upbeat economic tendencies, Russian industrial enterprises tend to change outdated welding equipment and introduce new welding technologies into the production process.

Exhibition advantage
Strict specialization of the exhibition assists in creating the most favorable conditions for both participants and visitors.

Exhibition subjects

  • Equipment and technologies for electric arc welding of metals (manual, semi-automated, automated, robotized);
  • Equipment and technologies for plasma, laser and gas-flame welding, cutting, hard-surfacing (manual, power-actuated, robotized);
  • Equipment and technologies for resistant welding (contact welding);
  • Equipment and technologies for plastic welding;
  • Equipment and technologies of welding materials manufacture;
  • Equipment and technologies for soldering;
  • Equipment for thermal processing of materials and welded structures;
  • Materials for welding, cutting, hard-surfacing, spraying, soldering (electrodes, wire, solders, etc.);
  • Protection facilities (uniform, ventilation systems, respirators etc.);
  • Welding tools and facilities;
  • Electronic element base and components for welding equipment manufacture;
  • Staff education and advanced training;
  • Scientific research and ideas;
  • Welding equipment renovation
  • Salon of used and reconditioned welding equipment
  • Quality control for the welded joints, general and welding materials: 
    1. Non-destructive testing
    2. Testing facilities for exterior check and measurement
    3. Facilities for mechanical testing of welded joints
    4. Systems of registration and processing of welding parameters
    5. Laboratory equipment

Within the limits of the exhibition a conference-presentation named “Business meeting Club” will be held, organized by the Moscow Interbranch Association of the Main Welders, with main welders of the biggest enterprises of Moscow and Moscow region and other regions of Russia participating in the sitting. The participants of the exhibition are welcome to represent their short reports at the conference.

We are pleased to invite for participation:

  • Production and trade companies concerned with manufacture and distribution of welding equipment, materials, tools and accessories, component elements and joints, auxiliary gear.
  • Manufacturers and distributors of uniform and protection facilities against occupational hazard.
  • Institutes and universities, conducting scientific research in welding and other related technologies.
  • Educational and training centers specialized in welding staff.
  • Industrial and commercial organizations occupied with welding service and welding equipment repair, etc.

  • Miss Weld of Russia- Iskra 2011
    The contest aims at discovering and encouraging girls working in the welding industry and related areas (educational and scientific organizations, manufacturing, construction, public utilities, etc.), who combine good professional skills and personal qualities.
  • Best Welder of Russia – Mister Lutch 2011
    The contest aims to improve the prestige of the welding profession, discover and encourage professional welders with high professional skills.
  • Engineer-welder – Mister Um 2011
    The contest is aimed at encouraging the best scientific & technical engineers working in the welding industry. We invite representatives of research centers, design offices, universities, employees of companies involved in the welding industry. 

Organizing Committee:
Adress: 129164, Moscow, Zubarev alley, 15/1
Tel.: +7 495 935 8100
Fax: +7 495 935 8101
E-mail: medvedeva@mvk.ru, yudakova@mvk.ru, kizina@mvk.ru

Director of  WELDEX-2011 Exhibition:
Natalia Sergeevna Medvedeva

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