WANEXPO / Festival of pregnant women + Festival of infants

WANEXPO / Festival of pregnant women + Festival of infants

Moskau Messe(莫斯科展览公司)
俄罗斯莫斯科索科利尼基博物馆教育中心, 展馆 4.1
the RF Ministry of Health and Social Development, 莫斯科市家庭青年司

About the project:
Festival of pregnant women + Festival of infants / WAN Expo is the main event of the country for expectant mothers, young parents and their kids. The festival includes an exhibition, conferences and consultations by the best specialists of the industry, constantly running educational and recreational sites, contests, shows, concerts with the choir of pregnant women, as well as the Festival of prams.

The project aims:
To help expectant mothers and young parents to find the answers to the most urgent questions concerning family planning, the course of all stages of pregnancy, childbirth and upbringing.

Leading companies and organizations offering products and services for young mothers before and after pregnancy: the medical institutions responsible for reproduction and following pregnancy, centers of preparation for childbirth; companies manufacturing products for pregnant women (cosmetics, clothes, etc.) insurance companies, health centers with recreation programs for pregnant, psychological care, beauty salons with special care programs during and after pregnancy, specialized publications, fitness centers.

Pregnant women, parents with children, couples, young men and women, as well as industry experts, doctors, representatives of medical institutions and manufacturing companies.

Business program:
Program of business events of the festival consists of answers to the most complex issues, consultations of leading specialists, a number of educational lectures and exciting contests.

Organizing Committee:
Veronika Volivach
Tel.: +7 495 995 0591, ext. 431
Fax: +7 495 925 3489
E-mail: vvv@moskaumesse.com

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