The  Second Family Festival "I Love Life" in Sokolniki

The Second Family Festival "I Love Life" in Sokolniki

Exhibition Company SafiNell Ltd., The Charity Foundation "I Love Life"
俄罗斯莫斯科索科利尼基博物馆教育中心, 展馆 2

07/05 - 09/05 — 从 10:00 至 20:00

About the project:

The Family Festival “I Love Life” – is a celebratory occasion for the whole family and an event that will bring together all enthusiastic people under one roof.

The world of hobbies is unique and multifaceted. Each of us has his or her own world of hobbies, beautiful and varied.
Do you not yet have a hobby?
Then bring yourself here, you are sure to find yourself an pastime to your taste and abilities.
We will make your life more interesting, more fun and full of excitement. Enthusiastic people are happier. Some devote their spare time to their hobbies, while others convert it into their lifework, but in any case, to have a favourite hobby is a lot of fun.


  • work with clay on a potter's wheel
  • draw on silk
  • give a second life to old things
  • make copyrighted toys 
  • tinker Kaleidoscopes 
  • try to linocut 
  • draw mini- comics
  • take part in creating cartoons 
  • make Christmas toys with your own hands
  • learn how to make toys out of balloons
  • together with experienced chefs, paint or decorate gingerbread man or a cup-cake
  • visit a floral master class
  • paint a bag or a T-shirt
  • shoot Angry Birds from a huge slingshot
  • try out in a chess tournament and complete a blitz chess training session 
  • try studying languages of the world with the best language schools in Moscow


  • bubble show
  • scientific chemical show
  • puppet theatre performance
  • fiery Flamenco
  • experiments with electricity
  • robot show
  • fashion show by leading modelling agencies in Moscow
  • real tea ceremony with tasting
  • works of the sculptor Dmitry Skovorodin
  • exhibition of sculptural installations of the Moscow artist Leontiy Ozernikov: Museum of Insomnia
  • exhibition of paintings and photographs


  • get to know the best children's centres of Moscow and learn what is taught and where
  • take pictures with characters from famous cartoons and games
  • test your bravery in virtual rides with 3D glasses
  • braid pigtails
  • buy smart gifts for yourself and friends: toys, books, puzzles, souvenirs and art supplies.
  • participate in various competitions and tournaments
  • get funny make-up or aqua make-up done for you

Themed sections:

  • Crafts: embroidery, beading, knitting and stained glass painting
  • Prefabricated plastic models, design and radio-controlled models
  • Internet, computer games
  • Literature, toys
  • Travel
  • Interior design, floristry
  • Learning foreign languages: schools, courses
  • massages, beauty salon
  • Sports: yoga, fitness, dancing and skateboarding.
  • Health: folk medicine and medical products for home use
  • Food
  • Gifts, souvenirs
  • Products of folk art and crafts, jewellery and bijouterie

Organizing Committee:

SafiNell Ltd.
Tel: +7 (964) 576 19 98, +7 (903) 754 77 55
E-mail: </p

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