The 19th International Trade Fair Craft Formula Moscow. Autumn 2018

The 19th International Trade Fair Craft Formula Moscow. Autumn 2018

俄罗斯莫斯科索科利尼基博物馆教育中心, 展馆: 4, 4.1

27/09 - 29/09 — 从 10:00 至 19:00
30/09 — 从 10:00 至 17:00

Between September 27 and  30, 2018, Sokolniki Exhibition Centre in Moscow will see the largest handcrafting and creative hobbies event – the 19th International Trade Fair Craft Formula Moscow. Autumn 2018.

Over 550 participants will put their items on display at the venue of 9000 sqm. You will see all levels of the Russian handcrafting industry – from large manufacturers and through to smaller workshops and individual designers. Exhibit hall 4 will feature crafting materials, large companies, publishing houses and shops, while exhibit hall 4.1 will focus primarily on individual crafters, art studios and e-stores. For detailed plan of both exhibit halls please visit, use Формула Рукоделия smartphone app or just come to the venue!

It’s so easy to get there – you can take a designated free shuttle bus from Sokolniki metro station, or just have a walk and enjoy the autumn sceneries in one of the most beautiful Moscow parks.

Craft Formula is the event for both amateurs and professionals! Representatives of crafting companies will orientate in the market, understand the latest trends and demand dynamics, see what their colleagues do and find new contacts or markets, while crafters will see innovations and crafting materials, gain new knowledge and, of course, positive emotions. The exhibition sees the creative environment abounds, and here you can pick up fresh ideas for your favourite hobby and buy any materials you need right away!

But shopping is not the only activity Craft Formula is about – the guests may expect an eventful agenda, exhibits, workshops, creative meetings and more.

Craft Formula is not only a milestone event in the industry but also a small party for crafters who leave with their hands full of shopping, gifts and fresh experiences. Because crafting is the living proof that your dreams may come true for a willing mind!

See you this autumn at Craft Formula in Sokolniki!

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