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About the project: 
Music Moscow Exhibition is the largest exhibition in Russia and the CIS and the fourth largest one in the world of exhibitions, which represent musical instruments, professional sound, light, radio and cinema equipment, studio and stage technology. Each year the Music Moscow is gaining more and more international recognition, which shows the increase in the number of foreign exhibitors and the steady increase in the number of foreign tourists. The constant upgrading of the exhibition, its compliance with international standards is also an important factor. Time stands still for us and for the organizers. It is extremely important to catch new trends, allowing us to stay ahead and to compete with the largest specialized exhibitions in the world.


  • Sound and lighting equipment;
  • Theatre Equipment;
  • Equipment for cinemas;
  • Equipment for discotheques;
  • Equipment for conference rooms;
  • Musical Instruments;
  • Studio Technology;
  • Screens, video walls and LED panels;
  • Equipment for audio and video;
  • Public address system;
  • Music Hard & Soft;
  • Accessories;
  • Integration;
  • Comprehensive engineering solutions
  • Command and control system;
  • Intercom;
  • Training institutes;
  • Methodical aids;
  • Specialized literature and sheet music;
  • Computer music libraries;
  • Audio and video;
  • Radio Stations;
  • Magazines;
  • Internet Resources;
  • Television.

Organizing Committee:

Tel/Fax: +7 495 300 0519, 305 8645

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