The 6th international industrial forum GEOFORM+

The 6th international industrial forum GEOFORM+


About the project:

  • Federal Geodesy and Cartography Agency of Russia (Ruscartography)
  • Transport Telematics Association
  • Survey and Construction Institute, PC
  • Survey and Construction Association
  • Tunnel Association of Russia
  • GLONASS/GNSS-Forum Association

Four specialized exhibitions are to be held within the Forum:

  • The 6th International Specialized GeoMap Exhibition:
    1. Geodesy, cartography and GIS;
    2. Works in engineering, geodetic and geological surveys;
    3. Cadastre and land management.
  • The 4th International Specialized GeoWAY Exhibition:
    1. Intellectual transport (automobile and car) systems and GPS-navigation;
    2. Satellite navigation and monitoring, software and GPS navigators, GPS-systems, monitoring car navigation systems;
    3. Telematics.
  • The 6th International Specialized GeoTech Exhibition:
    1. equipment and technology for engineering geology, and geophysics;
    2. geotechnical, engineering, environmental, engineering and geodetic surveys and environmental audits;
    3. surveying instruments and equipment for various activities (survey of buildings, environmental auditing, etc.):
      1. Georadars. Features of using georadars;
      2. Cable searchers, locator;
      3. Digital, laser, optical levels;
      4. Geological preparatory basis, geodetic and topographical surveys (topographical survey);
      5. Theodolites (theodolites, on the basis of accuracy, can be used in triangulation polygonometry, geodetic networks, thickening).
  • The 6th International Specialized GeoTunnel Exhibition:
    1. technologies and equipment for construction of tunnels and utility lines;
    2. engineering networks and systems design;
    3. survey (topographical survey) of underground structures;
    4. geological and geodetic survey, including works by using specialized equipment and instruments;
    5. mining geodesy.

The exhibition will be affected by the major aspects of geophysics and electrical prospecting, geology (including oil and gas geology), Geodesy, Geo-ecology, land management, engineering design, as well as a number of related areas.

An extensive business programme is planned. Within the industry forum the 5th International Scientific Conference Geospatial technologies and their scope is to be held. In particular, questions relating to experiences and perspectives of professional training in the field of geodesy, cartography, geoinformation, remote sensing, photogrammetry and land development will be discussed.

Also the 3rd International Workshop Satellite navigation and monitoring in Russia - new solutions and perspectives of development. Global navigation satellite system GLONASS and NAVSTAR (GPS) is to be held. The latest car navigators and tracking systems will be presented.

We invite you to attend the 6th International GeoForm + '2009 Forum!

Organizing committee:
Dmitriy Zhukov, Exhibition Manager
Tel.: +7 495 935 8100, ext. 6245
Fax: +7 495 95 8101

Alexandra Doktorova, Exhibition Curier
Tel.: +7 495 935 8100, ext. 6244
Fax: +7 495 95 8101

Olesya Krasnova, Marketing and Advertising Manager
Tel.: +7 495 935 8100, ext.6234
Fax: +7 495 935 8101

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