Dongguan – Moscow International Electronic O2O Trade Fair

Dongguan – Moscow International Electronic O2O Trade Fair

俄罗斯莫斯科索科利尼基博物馆教育中心, 展馆 3

Project description:

Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre will dedicate a total of 2,000 square meters of its exhibit space to present electronic products from the Chinese provinces of Dongguan and Zhu Jiang.

Government representatives of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China as well as over 300 Russian businesses and 200 Chinese factories eager to partner with Russian businesses are expected to take part in the opening ceremony.

In order to organize wholesale purchases from China, a Russian company searches for the necessary products, visits multiple markets and industrial enterprises, selects and evaluates samples, signs supply contracts and resolves issues connected with logistics and customs.

Which obstacles may the company face?

  • A large number of manufacturers scattered all around China.
  • A language barrier which requires professional translation services.
  • Inconsistency of the quality of supplied products with the selected samples.
  • Peculiarities of the Chinese pricing system due to the lack of pricelists and catalogues, which requires the company to discuss the selling price of a product with the manufacturer.
  • Risks and financial losses as a result of paying for the products using electronic systems.
  • Complicated logistics.
  • Possible customs clearance problems.
  • Expensive and sometimes unreliable intermediaries.

OConnect, an innovative electronic business platform, presented at the expo makes it easy to conduct business and sign sales agreements with Chinese manufacturers.

  • Over 3,000 Chinese manufacturers on the database,
  • No additional financial expenses on intermediaries,
  • Professional translators,
  • Consultation from professionals on the products presented at the expo,
  • A chance to “touch” product samples,
  • A guarantee of conformity of the samples with each product in a lot,
  • Drafting and execution of agreements and contracts with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers,
  • A fast and reliable settlement procedure,
  • A full spectrum of services related to storage and logistics,
  • Complete order details online.
  • Assistance with clearing customs in China.

Are you looking for a way to collaborate with Chinese manufacturers but are afraid of difficulties?

Visit the Dongguan – Moscow International Electronic O2O Trade Fair at the OConnect Show Room

  • This is a chance for Russian and Chinese businesses to find each other
  • This is direct communication
  • This is a fast way to close deals using the O2O approach
  • This is high quality of supplied goods
  • This is a way to eliminate financial risks
  • This is fast delivery of products and a guarantee of fast customs clearance.

Come and see for yourself that working with China can be promising and can generate profit, when you use the OConnect electronic business platform and no intermediaries.

Contact information:

Tel.: +7 (800) 234-27-24
The OConnect Show-Room is open for wholesale purchasers from 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays at the following address: Exhibit hall 3, 5th Luchevoy prosek, Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre, Moscow
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