Jeweller 2

Jeweller 2

R.O.S. JewellerExpo
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About the project:
“Jeweller – 2” is a limited prolongation of the main Russian jewellery and watch exhibition “Jeweller”, which takes place yearly at Sokolniki . There are only a few days in September, thus, evidently jewellery plants, manufactures and customers need more time for communication and fruitful cooperation. R.O.S.JewellerExpo does all its best to arrange their meeting regulary.

“Jeweller - 2” has two main tasks: to present new outfits and to realize it in a dead season. Demand analysis will let producers improve new collections which will be shown at Sokolniki in September. Preliminary references of bulk buyers let producers carry out all desires and get great volume from selling at “Jeweller-2011”. Trade representatives can be fully accredited for free and can get 20% discount for participation in “Jeweller-2011” at Sokolniki.

A new section “gifts” has been attracting sellers and buyers since 2006. The exhibition is a place where sellers and buyers of jewellery can make a profitable contract.

“JEWELLER-2” represents:

  • Gold and Platinum Jewellery;
  • Diamonds, precious stones;
  • Pearls;
  • Folk jewellery;
  • Costume jewellery;
  • Silver plate;
  • Interior decoration;
  • Ornamental arm;
  • Instruments and equipment;
  • Wrapping;
  • Accessories;
  • Gifts.

We are glad to invite you to the “Jeweller-2011” at Sokolniki.

Organizing Committee:
Adress: 121351, Moscow, Ivan Franko St., 48
Tel.: +7 495 517 6673, 517 6642
Tel./Fax: +7 495 417 4782, 417 0204
E-mail : ,

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