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俄罗斯莫斯科索科利尼基博物馆教育中心, 展馆 7a

03/03 - 04/03 — 从 09:00 至 18:00

On March 3th to 4th, Moscow will host the first international business forum and exhibition dedicated to the commercial space industry – the INSPACE FORUM 2016.

On March 3th to 4th, Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre will hold the 1st international business forum and exhibition dedicated to the commercial space industry, the INSPACE FORUM 2016. This event will bring together representatives of private space business, the public sector and the scientific and technical community.

Russia has always positioned itself as a key player in the global space market. The long-term leadership in space-based services has been traditionally associated with the state only. In the western space market, however, private space exploration has been developing actively.

Prominent examples of activity in this field by private Western space projects such as Space X, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic and many others, as well as successful experience of domestic companies (e.g., Dauria Aerospace) indicate that the private sector is able to influence the trends in the multimillion-dollar space market.

In spite of Russia's enormous contribution to the history of cosmonautics and the country's leading position in the global market of services in this area, there are no examples of an open industry event aimed directly at the disclosure of prospects for the commercialization of space industry in Russia.

INSPACE FORUM project will be the first step in this direction. This event will create a platform for dialogue between the interested players in the space market on the part of representatives of the private space business and the state.

ISF 2016 will feature a two-day conference divided into Upstream and Downstream days and include performances of domestic and foreign speakers.

Key themes and directions of the forum will be:

  • Commercialization of space technologies
  • Venture capital funds, prospects for investing in space start-ups
  • Education and career in the space industry
  • Projects in the field of new launch vehicles
  • Projects in the field of new satellite operators
  • Integration of universities and the industry
  • Interaction between the government and private companies
  • Import substitution and support of consortiums
  • Space start-ups: creation of space rocket technology, challenges, opportunities and needs
  • Development of legislation to support the private space business
  • Creation of products based on satellite data
  • Space tourism
  • Space insurance

The event will bring together the representatives of state companies and agencies, private space companies, venture capital funds, corporate consumers of space products and services, experts in the field of satellite building and aerospace technology in general, experts in the field of products based on satellite data, scientific and technical community.

10 reasons to visit INSPACE FORUM or to participate in it:

  • Find out the latest industry trends
  • Personally examine the situation in the domestic market
  • Informally communicate with colleagues from Russia and overseas
  • New partner solutions
  • A new level of the company recognition
  • Access to the industry manufacturers
  • Direct contacts with Russian and international industry professionals
  • Demonstration of your products and services to decision makers
  • Attraction of the industry manufacturers and consumers’ attention
  • Access to new technologies and techniques

Partners of the event include the "Skolkovo" cluster of space technologies, GLONASS Association and Sputnix company.

Organizers committee:

Тел.: +7 (495) 212-11-28

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