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About the project:

The 6th International specialized exhibition of gas supply and effective use of gas.

The main thematic sections:

Gas. Transportation. Storage. Timing

  • Design, construction and exploitation of steel and polyethylene gas pipelines.
  • Equipment and machinery for construction, insulation, exploitation, diagnosis and repair of gas distribution pipelines.
  • Record and control system of gas consumption.
  • Equipment for production, storage and utilization of alternative energy based on:
    1. GTL, dimethyl ester;
    2. Hydrogen fuel;
    3. Hydrogen engines and fuel-cells;
    4. Biological fuel.
  • Equipment for LNG liquefaction, transportation, storage and RLNG. Liquefied natural gas. Low-tonnage Production:
    1. Installation of liquefied natural gas (propane, butane, methane) up to 100 thousand tons / year;
    2. Heat-exchange equipment;
    3. Expansion machines;
    4. Pre-liquefaction gas cleaning and drying equipment;
    5. LNG storage and transportation equipment for: gas tanks and other containers;
    6. Evaporators and gas generators;
    7. Cryogenic on-board fuel system and filling systems, including filling gas tanks with methane, propane, butane;
    8. Cryogenic pipes and fittings;
    9. Pumps for LNG;
    10. Cryogenic measuring facilities.

Gas. Usage

  • Gas in engines:
    1. Fuel gas equipment;
    2. Automobile cylinders for compressed gas and liquid petroleum gas;
    3. Automobile storage systems: cylinders for LNG (liquefied natural gas);
    4. Fittings for compressed and liquefied natural gas, and liquid petroleum gas;
    5. Systems and equipment for diagnosis of gas automobile facilities;
    6. Equipment for centers of re-examination of automobile gas tanks;
    7. Equipment for centers, involved in conversion of facilities to gas-type and technical maintenance;
    8. Stationary and mobile car-filling equipment with gas types of motor fuel (methane, propane, butane);
    9. Design and construction of gas-filling stations and related infrastructure.
  • Gas in household:
    1. In-house gas equipment;
    2. Household gas appliances for residential houses, cottages (gas-stoves, gas-boiler equipment, infra-red gas-jets, electric generators based on gas,heaters).
  • Security systems and fire safety equipment.
  • Environmental protection and environmental monitoring.

Organizing committee:
Oksana Belkina, Project Manager
Tel.: +7 495 935 8100, ext. 6242
Fax: +7 495 935 8101

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