Craft Formula

Craft Formula

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About the project:

Dear Friends! We invite you to take part in VI International exhibition and sale “Craft Formula”

Exhibition and sale “Craft Formula” – is the only international exhibition and sale in Russia, dedicated to all types of needlework and handicraft. Its target is to popularize various kinds of hobby and leisure in a family.

The exhibition is the main large-scale impressive event in a segment of needlework and goods for hobby in Russia and Middle East. The main goal of the exhibition is to connect people who are keen on creative work irrespective of their gender, age and social position.

Exhibition and sale “Craft Formula” in numerals and facts:

  • Takes place 2 times in a year- in spring and autumn
  • The number of visitors and guests of every event is more than 20 000 people, including Mass Media representatives, famous people and businessmen, members of government of Moscow and Moscow region
  • More than 200 companies, shops, creative studios, Internet-shops, publishers and  training units are among participants
  • More than 350 000 titles of goods and about 300 brands of Russian and foreign manufactures
  • Carrying out of paid and free master-classes on various types of needlework – more than 100 events
  • More than 3500 prizes and gifts are raffled of among all visitors and guests at every exhibition.

Organizing Committee:

Adress: 125124, Russia, Moscow, New Bashilovka St., 16
Tel./fax: +7 495 661 7588

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