Valentina Komarova (FREYA Public Felinological Organization)
俄罗斯莫斯科索科利尼基博物馆教育中心, 展馆 11.1

13/02 - 14/02 — 从 09:00 至 18:00

ZooFest is a unique pet exhibition and show! 

At the festival you will have a chance to: 

  • See over 400 cats of various breeds and colours, from the most popular to rare exotic breeds from the best Russian and foreign cat nurseries certified according to the two world standards (САФ and WCF).
  • Witness the international panel of judges select the best of the best – the tailed and whiskered Champions!
  • Make connections with the cat breeders and owners of cat clubs and get first-hand information regarding any breed presented at the event, and find yourself a devoted pet friend.
  •  Watch show performances of dancing dogs guided by professional handlers.
  • See shows of cute rats, enchanting pigmy hamsters, guinea pigs and other small animals.
  • Participate together with your children in engaging workshops in our kids area, to have your face painted, to sculpt, paint, participate in contests and win prizes! Kids will be able to see a wonderful puppet show from the Balaganchik skazok theatre (The traveling fairy-tales show).
  • Learn about brand new pet food products; buy feeds and accessories from partner companies.

 Keep an eye out for more information – new details will be posted soon!

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