Troika: The Festival of All Cities

Troika: The Festival of All Cities

The CREATE! support foundation of young designers and architects
俄罗斯莫斯科索科利尼基博物馆教育中心, 展馆 2

23/10 - 25/10 — 从 10:00 至 19:00


Sokolniki park will host the first Troika: The Festival of All Cities event. The comprehensive programme of the festival is aimed at showing all the aspects of life of the Russian province. Admission to the festival will be free. Those willing to participate are asked to fill in the registration form and send it to marked Troika Festival.

The Troika Festival will feature:

  • An exhibition of sights and the All-Russian Library. Town Images project showcasing art objects depicting the life of small Russian towns. 
  • The Russian Cinema platform will be showing films by Russian filmmakers and meet-the-artist sessions. 
  • The Towns of Russia photography exhibition will show aerial views of remote corners of this country. One of the photographers is the leading engineer of Ilyushin Experimental Design Bureau Alexey Nagayev who has flown around Russia from Moscow to Kamchatka and from Altay to Arctic archipelagoes. At the opening ceremony he will tell the audience about his work. 
  • Fashion shows from Russian designers from all around the country. This is an opportunity for young fashion designers to present their works to a wide audience. 
  • A concert programme featuring performances by artists from the participating cities. 
  • The festival will feature a collective performance entitled A kaleidoscope of folk crafts. A special entertainment zone will be organized with huge kaleidoscopes for public use. The typical pictures appearing inside the kaleidoscopes will be formed of traditional Russian ornaments such as Gzel, Zhostovo, Palekh and other ornamental schools. 
  • A joint campaign with the Moscovsky Metropoliten is planned: a large-scale installation forming the word ‘Troika’ will be crafted out of used public transport tickets. Its aim is to demonstrate the number of tickets used of every day at every station. 
  • A craft fair where visitors will have a chance to see and buy craftworks from Russian manufacturers. Apart from the traditional ornaments there will be artworks from less famous or tiny manufacturing companies who, in their turn, often distinguish themselves with unique techniques and interesting modern designs. 

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