RosMetiz Association of Hardware Manufacturers and Sellers, ITE公司集团MVK

About the project:
We invite you and your company to participate in the 5th International specialized exhibition of equipment, materials, parts and technologies for producing separable and non-separable fasteners and equipment for manufacturing of fastener elements “Fasttec-2007”.


  • for general use in all branches of mechanical engineering (bolts, screws, screw-nuts, washers, locking rings, studs, pins, split pins,     rivets, cramps, clamps, etc.);
  • for motor-car, aerospace industry (special types of fasteners);
  • for construction (anchors, dowels, etc.);
  • for woodworking, furniture manufacturing (wood screws, cramps, nails, accessories, etc.);
  • for packaging industry (metal and polymeric tape, etc.): glues, sealants, adhesive tapes and films, mixtures for fasteners fixing;
  • for freight fixing (binding wires, etc.).
  • Fasteners in chemical industry: glues, sealants, adhesive tapes and films, mixtures for fasteners’ fixing.
  • Innovative fasteners.
  • Tools for work with fasteners: hand, mechanized (power, pneumatic, hydraulic, with power charge drive), dynamometric tools (hand and mechanized).
  • Items for repair of screw joints (mechanical and chemical).
  • Equipment, consumables for welding and soldering.
  • Materials for fasteners’ manufacturing.
  • Equipment for manufacturing of different types of fasteners.
  • Equipment for testing and control of fasteners’ quality.
  • Standardization and certification of fasteners.
  • Exhibit space cost for the exhibition period.

   This unique exhibition project has already become the expected event in home production. Exhibitors have a chance to make themselves known, to show their outfit and to enrich their client basis.

   The exhibition is a real chance to get to know the market of fasteners, hardware, to have a look at prices, catalogues and advertisement. It is also a place where you can find information  about wholesale buying and selling and also let a contract. Visitors have an opportunity to buy any fastening they need. There are a lot of them at the exhibition: brass, wooden, metrical, wall, non-rusting, perforated, high-tensile, plastic and chemical ones.

   Every year the new companies from England, Spain, China, Poland, Turkey, Belorussia and others join the exhibition.

We are pleased to welcome your participation in the coming show!

Organizing Committee:
Adress: 15, bldg. 1, Zubarev lane, Moscow, 129164, Russia
Tel.: +7 495 935 8100,  +7 495 935 8100 , eхt. 6248
Fax: +7 495 935 8101

Exhibition Director:
Ms Maria Smirnova

Exhibition manager:
Mrs Raisa Gazaryan

Advertising manager:
Ms Irina Kozinets

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