"FANCY & TASTY" Family foodstuffs, products and services in Sokolniki

"FANCY & TASTY" Family foodstuffs, products and services in Sokolniki

“FANCY & TASTY” Family foodstuffs, products and services in Sokolniki
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“FANCY & TASTY” is a unique trade fair which presents goods for different areas of life. It is a platform for selling and buying goods for the whole family: clothes, footwear, homeware, decorations, gifts, souvenirs, foodstuffs from manufacturers and farmers.

“FANCY & TASTY” in Sokolniki is a fair with an atmosphere of celebration. It’s not only an opportunity to buy but also improve your bargain skill, and to have a rest, reminiscing about the carnival gestures from the time of Catherine the Great. It is not just the price that draws people to our fair, the primary reasons are the wide range of goods and good mood.

“FANCY & TASTY” is a food festival, a concert, a variety of good entertainment and lots of fun.

“FANCY & TASTY” is 6 days of retail and wholesale selling.

“FANCY & TASTY” is a meeting point and place to spend your free time, while benefiting family finances!


This project was designed as an event that can help small businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises to find new clients. We want producers to find buyers and establish ongoing sales, and buyers to find a place to buy high-quality products and real tasty food at a reasonable price.

Providing Muscovites with moderately priced and high-quality products of all kinds directly from producers.

Our motto: “Wide range, low prices!”

“FANCY & TASTY” exhibition and fair will be held 10 times a year.

Fair sections:

- Womenswear showroom (plus size, office clothes, casual, festival clothing, sportswear, knitwear, underwear, hosiery);

- Menswear showroom (business suits, casual, sportswear, accessories);

- Children's wear showroom (casual, school uniform, sportswear, underwear and so on);

- Outerwear showroom (coats, jackets, raincoats, down jackets, anoraks etc.);

- Furs (leading Russian and foreign factories);

- Footwear showroom (Russian and foreign factories);

- Accessories (jewelry, bijouterie, glasses, umbrellas, bags, gifts and so on);

- Beauty industry (cosmetology, cosmetics and perfumery, stylists, etc.);

- Sports and recreation (various sports, fitness, sportswear, travel);

- Interior showroom (goods for home, office, garden; phytodesign, home furnishings);

- Folk traditions, crafts and related products;

- Food sections (fresh and quality foodstuffs from the CIS farmers and manufacturers);

- Meat and poultry

- Caviar and fish

- Vegetables/fruits/berries

- Bakery/Confectionery

- Drinks/Grocery

- Dairy products

- Wild plants (berries, mushrooms, nuts, medicinal plants and spices)

- Alcoholic beverages and wine

It should be mentioned that the Organizing committee have taken care of the little guests and prepared a special entertainment programme for them organized by the Centre for children’s education and development "Childhood".

Interactive program (performances, children's room with professional animators, children's art playground, products tasting, tasty gifts from farmers, raffles, culinary and craft workshops, etc.).

Organizing committee:

Detailed information and registration:

Sales and exhibition area reservation department:

+7(962)9310077 ; +7(926)5274496 Koroleva Inna

+7(926)5274431 Sheidelman Nadezhda

Advertising and promotion:

+7(962)9313377 Liebenson Svetlana

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