CABEX (Cable, wire and accessories)

CABEX (Cable, wire and accessories)


About project:
The 8th International specialized exhibition of cables, wires, fastening hardware, and installation technologies.

CABEX allows us not only to show the achievements of Russian industry, but also draws on the Russian market the best world companies, and it promotes international cooperation in the cable industry. It provides an opportunity to meet industry leaders, business executives, and to discuss collaboration and interaction.

Exhibition subjects:

  • Cables:
    1. Power cables for fixed laying,
    2. Cables for oil extraction,
    3. Management cables,
    4. Control Cables,
    5. Signal-blocking cables,
    6. Communication cables,
    7. Mineral insulated cables,
    8. Cables of Special Purpose,
    9. Fiber optic cables,
    10. Fireproof cables for different purposes,
    11. Radiation hardened cables,
    12. Mounting cables,
    13. Radio-frequency cables.
  • Wires:
    1. The wires for overhead power lines,
    2. Power cables,
    3. Connection cables,
    4. The wires of special purpose,
    5. Winding Wires,
    6. Low-power cords,
    7. Mounting cables.
  • Accessories:
    1. Couplers,
    2. Transition joints,
    3. Cable glands in transformers and switchgear, fittings, equipment,
    4. Connections of fiber-optic components,
    5. Connectors and cable terminal equipment for local area networks, heat shrink mounting products,
    6. Components and accessories for installation and cabling,
    7. Connectors and connections.
  • Special equipment:
    1. Equipment for cable processing,
    2. Equipment, tools and accessories for installation of cables and wires,
    3. Equipment, tools and equipment for laying of cable lines,
    4. Cross Connection equipment.
  • Tools and test methods:
    1. Control devices for use in the installation of cables and wires,
    2. Control devices for use in cable lines,
    3. Tools and methods for testing of cables and wires.
  • Research and development.
  • Technology installation and wiring.
  • Methods and tools for cable and wire repair.
  • Standardization, certification of cable-conducting units.
  • Environmental protection.

Organizing committee:
Adress: 1, Sokolnicheskiy Val St., Moscow, 107113, Russia
Tel.: +7 495 995 0595

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