About the project:
Baustein Exhibition, held as part of the international specialized exhibition Holzhaus Wooden Housing, is its integral part.

Exhibition sections:

  • Stoneware tile;
  • Equipment for processing and manufacturing stoneware tile;
  • Sanitary ware;
  • Natural stone, its processing, building material production;
  • Faced tile;
  • Facing facades with new technologies;
  • Tools and equipment for processing natural stone;
  • Equipment and technology for manufacturing materials and products of rock dust;
  • Wall and floor coverings made from natural and artificial stone;
  • Countertops, fireplaces, columns and other elements of interior decoration;
  • Natural and artificial stone in landscape architecture, small architectural forms and sculptures.

The exhibition will host the International specialized salon of building ceramics:

  • production of bricks and other ceramic products for construction purposes;
  • ceramic brick;
  • face brick;
  • building brick;
  • large-porous blocks;
  • front and ordinary silica brick;
  • crushed, and colored sand-lime brick;
  • other brick (hyper, diatomite, etc.);
  • ceramic tile;
  • sale of bricks and other ceramic products for construction purposes;
  • sand-lime brick;
  • integrated delivery of construction materials;
  • the sale of imported brick;
  • equipment for brick production;
  • trade logistics in the brick and other building materials;
  • loans for construction.

Organizing committee:
Alexey Haryutkin, Project Manager
Tel.: +7 495 982 5065

Inessa Glebova, Project Curator
Tel.: +7 495 982 5065

Ksenia Burlakova, Advertising Manager
Tel.: +7 495 982 5065


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