The 6th Professional International Exhibition ElektroTrans 2016

The 6th Professional International Exhibition ElektroTrans 2016

«俄罗斯城市运输» 有限责任公司, 国际城市电力运输企业联合会, 社会规划落实基金(“金马车”国际运输奖)
俄罗斯莫斯科索科利尼基博物馆教育中心, 展馆 4.1
高等输运学校联合会, 莫斯科国立交通大学, 莫斯科市自然资源利用与环境保护局, 莫斯科市道路交通基础设施发展与运输局, 俄罗斯铁路开放式股份公司的分支——火车站管理处, 国际地铁协会, 国际城市电力运输企业联合会, 国际公共交通奖“黄金战车”, 俄罗斯联邦工业和贸易部, 俄罗斯联邦交通部, 莫斯科城市交通科学研究与设计所, 莫斯科商会, “国家巴士站发展”非营利护板关系等

06/04 - 07/04 — 从 10:00 至 18:00
08/04 — 从 10:00 至 16:00


Electric mobility at ElektroTrans 2016 

The ElektroTrans 2016 exhibition and international forum on the development of e-mobility showcasing products and technology for urban electric transportation and underground rapid transit systems will be held from April 6th to April 8th, 2016 at Moscow’s Sokolniki Museum and Educational Centre. 

The ElektroTrans forum is a unique event for Russia and Europe as it is dedicated to the development of urban e-mobility. It has become a traditional meeting place for industry professionals, suppliers of vehicle stock and component parts, engineering companies, and everyone engaged in urban passenger transportation. In 2015 over 100 companies from 7 countries participated in the professional programme, with over 2 000 professionals attending the event. 

The ElektroTrans exhibition is organized with the support of the International Association of Urban Electric Transport (MAP GET), The Metro International Association, Non-Commercial Partnership “Development of Bus Terminals in Russia”, the “Urban Projects” Foundation, Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Moscow Department of Natural Recourses Management and Environmental Protection; Moscow City Transport Agency, Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Association of Transport Academies. 

The aim of the events is to stimulate further development of urban e-transport, to offer products and technology for urban e-transport organizations, underground rapid transport systems and electric mobility industry. 

The professional programme of the forum includes conferences, seminars, round table discussions and presentations on the following topics:

- Transport and modern urban ecology;
- State-private partnership in e-transport development: ways to accommodate the interests of investors, passengers and the city;
- Energy-efficient vehicle stock. Ways of enhancing energy efficiency of Moscow’s underground rapid transport system and urban electric transport enterprises;
- Methods of optimization of care and maintenance costs for a transport enterprise;
- Information technologies as an efficient instrument of attracting passengers and service quality improvement;
- Safety and security issues at a passenger transport enterprise;
- Diagnostic control equipment for vehicle stock and transport infrastructure. 

The organizing committee of the ElektroTrans 2016 forum invites interested industry enterprises to participate in the exhibition and the professional programme! 

Organizing committee: 

+7(495) 287-4412, 276-2990

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