VI International Exhibition of Calligraphy

VI International Exhibition of Calligraphy


01/09 — 从 16:00 至 21:00
02/09 - 10/09 — 从 10:00 至 21:00


The International Exhibition of Calligraphy is a unique platform gathering under one roof the works of outstanding contemporary calligraphy masters from all over the world. 

This year will see the 6th edition of the Exhibition, and it promises to be one of the biggest in the project history. 

Visitors will get a chance to see masterpieces of European, Slavic, Arab, and Eastern calligraphy created by 200 calligraphy masters from 60 countries of the world that are bound to leave everyone under impact. 

Through the ten days, an extensive event programme will be held with lectures, presentations and of course, practical workshops where everyone will have an opportunity to try their hand at the art of fine writing under the guidance of national and international experts. 

Unique calligraphy projects at an international scale, Q&As with top calligraphers, thematic expositions, activities at the intersection of calligraphy and street art; you will see all that and many more in the special-built pavilion on Festivalnaya Square of Sokolniki Park in Moscow, September 1st through 10th, 2017. 

Information partners: Uchitelskaya Gazeta, Moskva Doverie TV Channel, Moskva 24 TV Channel, Newton PR@Communications.

Exhibition organization committee:

Phone: +7 495 982-50-67


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