Academic Conference for Dogs and Cats Breeders

2nd Academic Conference for Dogs and Cats Breeders

专狗 DOG Profi
俄罗斯莫斯科索科利尼基会展中心, 展馆 7a

08/04 - 09/04 — 从 09:00 至 18:00


This is the first ever event held to help broaden horizons and provide a platform for free communication of professional dog breeders.

It will grant representatives of pet industry companies the opportunity to talk to breeders, handlers and groomers in the open and relaxed environment, and exchange information required for the development and promotion of their business.

The conference programme will include the following:

1) Presentation of innovations in the pet industry;
2) Talks on cynology marketing, prevention of major disorders and genetic eye disorders in dogs;
3) Handling, grooming and photo shoot workshops.

The conference is held under the supervision of DOG-PROFI project, publisher of a popular science books series to promote an educated and responsible approach to pet treatment.

Contact details:

Mobile: 8 (910) 409-01-83

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